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Spotless Floors: Cleaning Tips for Every Floor Type

Hello eco-champions! We're on a mission to make your homes sparkle naturally. Today, let's explore the wonderful world of floor cleaning, focusing on the beauty of cement, marble, and tile floors. And, in continuation with that thought, in this blog, we will explore green cleaning tips that are simple and effective, perfect for keeping your floors spotless. And what's the best thing you can use on your floors? Plant-based cleaners of course!

Cement Floors Cleaning

Cement floors are known for their strength. But they also require a little extra love to maintain their lustre. Cement floors are known to be robust. But this does not mean they don’t need care. In fact, they need dedicated attention to keep them shining!

Routine Sweeping Ritual: Kickstart your floor cleaning regimen with a comprehensive sweep. Because this will help you say bye-bye to loose dirt, dust and debris, which is important to ensure you can clean completely. 

Soothing Mopping Session: Infuse a sense of gentleness in your floor cleaning routine. Start by making a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Secondly, select a plush, soft mop. This will ensure your cement floor remains shielded from potential harm.

Scratch Consciousness: Harsh tools and abrasive cleaners are a big threat. Because they etch unsightly scratches on your pristine floor. Shield your floors by selecting floor cleaning tools that embrace a surface-friendly approach.

As you embark on this cleansing journey, envision each sweep and mop as a gesture of love towards your resilient cement floors, allowing them to gleam with enduring brilliance.

Marble floor  Cleaning

Let's chat about marble floors. those fancy ones that make your home feel like a castle. They're like the superheroes of elegance, and they need a bit of special care.

Dusting Dance: Imagine your floor is having a little dance party, and you're the DJ with a soft, dry mop or a dusting cloth. This helps to kick out dirt and dust. This saves your marble from scratches and keeps its natural shine.

Gentle Clean Team: It's like making a special drink for your floor! Mix a bit of water with mild soap or use a pH-neutral cleaner. Harsh chemicals are like bullies for marble, so let's be gentle to keep that fabulous marble appearance.

Stain Story: Oops, spills happen! Treat them like little stories. Instead of rubbing them in, gently blot spills with a clean cloth. It's like telling your marble, "It's okay, accidents happen, we'll clean it up together."

Taking care of your marble floor is like having a conversation with a friend. It doesn't ask for much, just a little care to stay shiny and fabulous.3. Terrific with Tiles

Tiles, Our Trusty Pals

Let's talk about tiles – those little champions that cover our floors and make them look cool. They come in different types, but they all love a bit of regular love:

Sweeping Safari: Pretend you're on a treasure hunt, sweeping or vacuuming to find and collect all the little dirt bits. This will let you keep your tiles happy and scratch-free.

Gentle Bath Time: Imagine your tiles taking a gentle bath. Mix warm water with a bit of mild soap, like making a special drink for them. After the bath, always give them a good rinse to keep them feeling fresh.

Grout Love: Grout lines are like the bridges between your tiles. They can get dirty very quickly so it is important to show them love. Clean them by using a mix of baking soda and water. It's like giving them a little spa day to bring back their brightness.

Taking care of your tiles is like being a superhero for your floors. They don't ask for much, just a little attention to stay bright and cheerful.

Extra Tips for All Floors:

Gentle on the Environment: Prioritize natural and eco-friendly cleaners. They not only protect your floors but also contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Spot Check New Cleaners: Before embracing a new cleaning solution, perform a spot check in a hidden area to ensure it won't harm your beloved floors.

Say No to Soaking: Steer clear of leaving your floors excessively wet. This is because excess water can penetrate cracks, causing damage over time.

Remember, consistent care ensures your floors remain in top-notch condition. At Osh, all our products are made with 99% natural & plant-derived ingredients. Our commitment is to create products that clean effectively without harming the environment. Our Osh floor cleaners are specially designed to keep your floors spotless and safe. Give them a try, and let your floors radiate natural beauty!

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