How To Care For Your Home When It Rains

How To Care For Your Home When It Rains

Top tips to keep your home free of germs, musty smells and more such rainy season irritants

While we may welcome the dipping temperatures during the rains, the high humidity, lack of sunshine and perennial dampness can wreak havoc within the four walls of our homes. Wet floors, fungus growing on damp walls and a perennial musty smell are common problems. Everything feels wet and clammy, clothes never seem to dry. The lack of sunshine can also have an adverse effect on our mood. Here are a few ways you can tackle them.

Tackle musty smells:

Due to the lack of sunshine and dampness, especially due to wet clothes and walls, you may experience musty smells in your home. Make sure you open the windows to allow fresh air in whenever feasible. Lighting fragrant incense sticks is a great way to get rid of the smell.

Use cleaning liquids to mop floors:

Bugs, flies and mosquitos are a common problem at this time. Use a cleaning agent that can repel such bugs while mopping floors. Make sure you let the floors dry properly before putting carpets or walking on them. Pay special attention to corners, areas under furniture and bathrooms.

Don’t stack wet dishes:

Often, when we are pressed for time, we tend to stack washed dishes even when they are wet. While this may not be such a problem when the weather is warm as the water evaporates, during the rains this can collect on the shelves and damage them as well as add to the general feeling of mustiness.

Keep toilet bowls and drains clean:

Drains getting clogged is a common problem at this time. Make sure you periodically check your drains for any blockages. Not only does this result in stench spreading through your home, blocked drains are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Clean the toilet bowl regularly to ward off any bad smells and insect infestation. Use a cleaner with natural ingredients so as to not stain the porcelain bowl material

Change your linens:

Increased moisture levels can make your linens feel damp and smell. Change them at least once in two weeks. Wash using a natural, fragrant detergent

Clean wooden furniture with care:

Wooden furniture can get especially damp at this time. Use a natural wood cleaner to wipe wooden furniture and floors, which will not only effectively clean but protect the wood.

Use natural repellents:

Mosquitos and bugs are a common problem at this time. Make sure there is no water accumulating anywhere as this a breeding ground for such bugs. Use natural repellents to keep them at bay instead of harmful chemical ones. You can use incense sticks, repellent sprays and vaporisers. Not only are they devoid of any harmful chemicals, they also leave your homes smelling fresh and fragrant!

Keep your carpets rolled up:

Damp carpets are a sore point in this season. To avoid this, roll them up and store in a dry place till the rains abate. Use bamboo mats or rubber carpets, especially at the entrance of the home. Also keep an eye out for any loose wires and cover/pack any exposed wires to prevent shocks.

Use air diffusers:

Not only will they fill your home with a beautiful scent, but the oils also have a natural calming effect on you as well.
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