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Top Tips To Clean Different Types Of Floors

Choosing the right type of cleaners, like plant-based cleaners are an important step to ensuring clean, germ-free floors.

Flooring is an integral part of every house. Dull, dirty floors can make the whole house look gloomy and unkempt. Clean, well-maintained flooring makes the whole house appear brighter and roomier. There are different types of flooring options that one can choose for their homes – concrete, tiles, marble, wooden, vinyl etc. Here are our top tips for keeping flooring clean in your home.

Get your equipment ready:

Make sure you have all your equipment sorted and ready. You should have good quality basics – buckets, mops, brooms, and dusting cloth. Microfiber brooms and mops are a good option to choose. Choose a good quality cleaner for your floors – always use cleaners made with plant-based ingredients like Osh Floor Cleaner – they clean effectively and without scratching or staining your floors and are safe from any harmful toxins.

Schedule a weekly vacuum:

While most homes sweep and wipe the floors daily, a weekly vacuum helps to give a deeper clean, especially in areas that are used a lot, where more than usual dust could accumulate.

Wipe away spills immediately:

Whether it’s water or any ither liquid that spills on your floor, ensure you wipe it off immediately. Moisture can damage the and sheen and shine of your floors and can discolour as well.

Carpets and maps, help:

Place carpets and mats around your home especially in areas like just outside the bathroom or the doorway, so that the increased dirt and moisture in these areas can be absorbed by the carpets/rugs. Remember not to overdo the carpets/rugs otherwise cleaning them can become another chore! Here are our top tips to clean specific floors:

Wooden floors:

Water and wooden floors are a strict no-no. Water spills or excessive use of water when mopping can end up damaging the floor, causing it to rot and stain. Make sure you use a wet mop only if your wooden floors have been treated with a protective layer on top. Else dust with a soft mop or a microfiber cloth regularly. Always keep your wooden floors immaculately waxed; this will ensure they always look attractive with a lovely sheen.

Marble floors:

The important thing to note about marble is that it has a porous quality. So, it is very important that your marble is treated properly with an appropriate sealant. Always first dust the surface with a soft brush to remove any loose dirt and debris. Then use a soft mop along with warm water a plant-based cleaner like Osh Floor Cleaner to clean effectively without damaging your flooring or the sealant.


As always, the key is to ensure the cleaning is done consistently. One problem with tiles is that grout can collect along the sides. Make sure you regularly clean the sides with a stiff brush dipped in warm water to ensure the dust is dislodged and it does not collect. Dust and mop regularly with a plant based cleaner for clean, sparkling floors! Consistency, the correct cleaners and care are the three ingredients most needed for clean floors!
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